HCLTech and Schneider Electric team up for sustainable data centre solutions in APAC

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HCLTech, a leading global technology company, has announced its collaboration with Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation of energy management and industrial automation, to develop carbon-efficient solutions for data centres in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

“With the growth of the digital economy, it is important that enterprises responsibly manage their data centre energy consumption. We look forward to collaborating with Schneider Electric to develop sustainability solutions for data centres in APAC,” said Tan Boon Hien, Senior Vice President and Head of APAC Sustainability, HCLTech. “Assessing risk and responsibility, we will integrate HCLTech’s best practises in information technology (IT) with Schneider Electric’s operational technology (OT) to develop solutions that significantly help improve efficiency, productivity and modernisation of data centres, reducing the overall carbon footprint.”

Enterprises worldwide are actively investing in sustainability initiatives to enhance their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings. Siloed IT and OT processes present challenges in optimising the end-to-end supply chain of data centres. To address this, HCLTech and Schneider Electric have come together to collaboratively explore groundbreaking sustainability innovations. Their shared goal is to provide converged IT-OT solutions, enabling clients in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to meet regulatory requirements and expedite their decarbonisation efforts.

“Sustainability is a critical imperative for businesses today and we at Schneider Electric believe that we have a key role to play in helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We recognise the significant impact of data centres on the environment, particularly in terms of energy consumption and carbon emissions,” said Michel Arres, Vice President of IT Channel and Alliances, International Secure Power Division of Schneider Electric. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with HCLTech to develop carbon-efficient solutions for data centres in the Asia Pacific region. By combining our strengths in IT and OT, we can drive the convergence of these domains and enable our customers to achieve sustainable data centre operations.”

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