HDF target green energy deployment by mid-decade

Hydrogene de France (HDF) has announced is well-positioned to accelerate the development of its green energy storage and production technology, targeting the deployment of 200 MW of hydrogen-to-power generation by mid-decade.

HDF plans to develop the rollout of its continuous and on-demand renewable power plants. The company manufactures multi-megawatt renewable power plants combining wind or solar with hydrogen production and storage, which can then be reconverted to electrical energy through a fuel cell at times of high demand and low generation.

The company also produces gas-to-power plants to produce electricity on demand from renewable or low-carbon hydrogen from gas transportation networks, as well as standalone fuel cells and is targeting the installation of 200 MW of Hypower hydrogen-to-power plants by 2025 in Europe, expanding to over 1 GW from 2030.

“HDF Energy intends to significantly step up its commercial development through the strategic positions it has already acquired, thereby becoming a leader in the development of continuous and on-demand power plant projects based on hydrogen and renewable energies,” Damien Havard, chairman and CEO of HDF Energy, said. “The resounding success of the IPO illustrates the major potential of our markets and the merits of our positioning.” 

HDF is developing a high-power fuel cell production plant in the Bordeaux region of France and is in the process of applying for building permits for the site. The plant is due to be commissioned in 2023 and will serve the data centre market.

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