Hexatronic strengthens its data center offering

Hexatronic Group has signed a letter of intent to acquire parts of Endor, owned by Icelandic Sýn hf and active in data center services. The acquisition will bring Hexatronic’s leading expertise in the field and a customer base in Iceland, Sweden, and Germany.

“The business we are acquiring focuses on hybrid IT solutions for larger organizations that manage an ever-growing amount of data today. It is an attractive part of the market and means that we are now broadening our Data Center offering with end-to-end solutions, including hardware and managed services,” said Martin Åberg, Deputy CEO of Hexatronic.

“It is a pleasure to have such a strong player take over the torch in providing solutions for data center and high-performance computing. The transaction primarily affects Endor’s international operations and large domestic customers who utilize specialized hyper-converged solutions. Our local customers will, therefore, continue to be mostly managed by Endor ehf., a subsidiary of Sýn hf. We hope this journey and future cooperation with Hexatronic will further strengthen our solutions portfolio for our valuable customers,” said Herdís Dröfn Fjeldsted, CEO of Sýn hf.

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