HostDime’s Brazil data centre to be 100 per cent powered by the Sun

Brazil solar power

HostDime has announced the start of construction of a solar power plant to support the entirety of its purpose-built data centre in João Pessoa, Brazil. The $1.2 million investment in the solar power farm will reportedly be able to supply the entire current power infrastructure (1.2MW) of the data centre, as well as the 30 per cent expansion due to be completed before the end of 2022.

The first phase of development features an installation of over 2,000 photovoltaic modules (solar panels) of 540 Watt-Peak. The plant is expected to generate an average of 122,500 kWh per month, equivalent to the monthly consumption of over 800 Brazilian households.

HostDime’s engineering team adopted MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) technology, which increases energy efficiency due to shading tolerance and mismatch elimination, as well as offering greater reliability and flexibility. The first-year savings from this project, expected to be ready by July, is estimated to be $35,000 per month.

Filipe Mendes, CEO of HostDime Brazil, said: “A data centre is a huge consumer of energy inherently due to the nature of the business. Being able to use 100 per cent of this consumption from a clean renewable source is something HostDime is really proud of. We hope to be a technology company aligned with global sustainability goals. This solar plant will ensure our direct energy consumption is being done in a responsible way that we control. To say our entire data centre in Brazil is powered by the sun is an impressive accomplishment.”

Data centres account for an estimated one per cent of worldwide electricity use, so the data centre infrastructure industry must be conscious of its responsibilities. ESG considerations are extremely important when designing, constructing, and operating a purpose-built data centres. Taking ESG issues seriously maximises operational efficiencies and reduces overall risks.

In addition to the construction of the photovoltaic plant, HostDime has carried out additional actions to improve energy efficiency in its facilities, including smart construction to generate energy savings in air conditioning, and deploying Tier IV graded generators to reduce emissions.

“We are constantly evolving our data centre designs and best practices to create energy efficiencies and promote ESG, so that we can build and operate facilities that positively impact the next generations,” said David Vivar, VP of Global Engineering of HostDime Global.

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