HostDime’s Colombia data center first in Latin America to achieve EDGE Green Certificate

HostDime, a hyper-edge global data center company, announced that its new Tier IV Colombia Data Center has received the EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certificate, which is awarded to buildings that demonstrate resource efficiency of at least 20 percent in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials.

EDGE is a green building standard and a global certification system developed by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation that certifies the design and resource efficiency of green buildings. EDGE is a measurable way for builders to optimize their designs to help create a sustainable future and provide better investment rates for HostDime and their clients.

HostDime’s Colombia “Nebula” Tier IV Data Center is the first data center in Latin America to meet these EDGE certification standards.

“We are very proud of obtaining the first EDGE Green Certificate in Latin America. Incorporating all these environmental features in our New Colombia Tier IV ‘Nebula’ Data Center allows us to operate one of the most sustainable data centers in the world. Our commitment is aligned with the broader data center industry’s ESG efforts. As we continue to build out our next-gen purpose built Tier IV Data Centers throughout Latin America, we will continue to adapt such sustainable features while also taking advantage of renewable energy sources,” says Edwin Tello, VP of HostDime Latin America.

Data centers account for an estimated 1% of worldwide electricity use, so the industry must be conscious of its responsibilities. ESG (environmental, social, and governance) considerations are crucial when designing, constructing, and operating purpose-built data centers. Taking ESG issues seriously maximizes operational efficiencies and reduces overall risks.

Power consumption can be used to measure data center efficiency. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the measurement of how efficiently a data center uses energy. The lower the PUE, the better. While HostDime achieves at or under 1.3 PUE in their constructed data centers, most providers have a PUE in the 1.6 or higher range. Bringing PUE down across the data center industry is an obtainable and worthwhile objective. HostDime’s purposeful use of power-efficient electrical components, modular POD footprints, hot aisle containment, highest efficiency chillers, and renewable energy use all correspond to a large reduction in annualized PUE.

HostDime continues to carry out additional actions to improve energy efficiency in its purpose-built facilities in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and the USA.

Last year, HostDime invested $1.2 million in the construction of a solar power plant to support the entire power infrastructure of their João Pessoa, Brazil, data center, as well as a planned 30% expansion.

This year, HostDime will open their flagship data center and headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The rooftop of this facility will feature high-density solar panels; up to 1MW of the facility’s 5MW will be powered by the sun. Taking advantage of the Florida sun will reduce operating costs, lock-in energy costs, and decrease their carbon footprint.

“We are constantly evolving our data center designs and best practices to create energy efficiencies so that we can build and operate facilities that positively impact future generations.” – David Vivar, HostDime’s VP of Global Engineering.

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