Huawei publish white paper on constructing sustainable 5G industry

Huawei has published a white paper with China Mobile and other industry partners which expands on the architecture and technical direction for 5G-Advanced, it provides guidelines that will promote 5G technologies and construct a sustainable 5G industry.

The paper, titled 5G-Advanced technology evolution from a network perspective towards a new era of intelligent connect X, will serve as a reference for 5G-Advanced development.  5G is essential to upgrading service experience and fueling the digital and intelligent transformation of industries. To penetrate deeper into industries, 5G requires the convergence of DT, OT, IT, and CT (DOICT). To enhance network capabilities and meet ever-diversifying service requirements, 5G-Advanced will evolve both 5G architecture and technology.

At the architectural level, the 5G-Advanced network needs to fully consider the concept of cloud-native, edge network, network as a service, and continue to enhance network capabilities and eventually move toward cloud-network integration and computing-network integration. At the network technology level, 5G-Advanced networks need to have the characteristics of intelligence, convergence, and enablement.

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