Huawei unveils cutting-edge solutions for green data center practices


Huawei has announced the release of three data center facility solutions which signifies its commitment to advancing the field of data center technology. The company aims to help the industry build future-proof green, simple, smart, and reliable data centers, enabling each watt to carry more computing power.

Charles Yang, President of Global Marketing, Sales and Services of Huawei Digital Power, highlighted Huawei’s commitment to building a world-leading, robust, and secure technological system that integrates digital and power electronics technologies. 

To address the issues of traditional cooling systems’ high energy consumption and low reliability in large data centres, Huawei developed the next-generation indirect evaporative cooling solution EHU for ultimate energy savings and full-chain reliability.

Additionally, Huawei’s intelligent management solution, iManager-M was also introduced. Among many benefits, some of its main features are- accurate KPI monitoring and mobile O&M, enabling easy management.

Further, Shui Yu, General Manager of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Consulting and Ecosystem Solution Dept, unveiled the FusionDC Ecosystem Solution. Based on the “1+4+N” architecture, a “Huawei+Partner” model will be adopted to facilitate the prefabricated modular construction upgrade, helping customers achieve business success.

Based on the “1+4+N” architecture, FusionDC 5.0, the next-generation prefabricated modular data center solution, helps customers deploy around a thousand racks in just half a year, shortens the time to market (TTM) by 50%, reduces the PUE to 1.15 (in Beijing), and improves the recyclability from 30% to 85%.

Looking ahead, Huawei will focus on partners of three categories- consulting and design, solution development, and integrated delivery based on ecosystem solutions to fully leverage mutual advantages and build a thriving ecosystem for shared success.

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