Hypertec Cloud unveils most sustainable AI cloud with Immersion-as-a-Service 

Hypertec, a global leader in sustainable and innovative technology solutions, is launching its groundbreaking Sustainable AI Cloud platform. This innovative solution features Immersion-as-a-Service (Immersion-aaS), leveraging the unmatched efficiency of Intel’s 5th Generation Xeon Emerald Rapids processors and Hypertec’s TRIDENT immersion servers. This marks a significant milestone in sustainable cloud computing.

Hypertec Cloud is expanding its reach by launching new regions in the United States with one of its immersion data center partners, ADACEN, adding to its existing regions in Canada. This expansion brings state-of-the-art technology closer to businesses seeking sustainability and high performance for their operations.

“Hypertec Cloud sets a new standard with Intel’s 5th Gen Xeon, immersion cooling and ADACEN data centers—lowering the carbon footprint and unlocking performance & efficiency for AI-driven demands.” —Jonathan Ahdoot, President of Hypertec Cloud.

This sustainable revolution centers around the Intel Xeon 5th Generation processor, specifically designed to excel in AI workloads with integrated AI acceleration in every core. This processor stands out for its capability to manage challenging AI tasks, like inference and fine-tuning models with up to 20 billion parameters, ensuring users enjoy smooth operation with generative AI applications. Additionally, Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel AMX) provide discrete accelerator performance without requiring extra hardware, optimizing transfer learning and model retraining.

Hypertec Cloud’s Immersion-aaS solution underscores the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cloud computing offering optimized performance for AI/ML, HPC, data analytics, and more, at scale, all while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of data center operations. This initiative marks a significant leap towards sustainable computing, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

“This isn’t just about offering a new service. It’s about setting a new standard. By harnessing the power of Intel’s 5th Generation Xeon processors within Hypertec TRIDENT’s revolutionary immersion cooling framework and ADACEN’s immersion-ready data centers, we offer our clients the ability to dramatically lower their carbon footprint while unlocking unparalleled performance and cost efficiency. This is the future of cloud computing—sustainable, cost-effective, powerful, and ready to meet the growing demands of tomorrow’s AI-driven world,” said Jonathan Ahdoot, President of Hypertec Cloud.

“Intel is proud to collaborate with Hypertec on its pioneering initiative, launching Hypertec’s Sustainable AI Cloud platform, powered by Intel’s 5th Generation Xeon processors. By combining the efficiency of Intel’s compute with Hypertec’s innovative immersion cooling at ADACEN’s immersion-ready data centers, this partnership charts new cloud heights in performance, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. We’re excited to see how this partnership continues to drive innovation and sustainability benefiting the industry, for businesses and the planet alike,” said Kareem Sherif, Enterprise & Public Sector Director at Intel Canada.

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our cutting-edge immersion data centers, powered by Intel and Hypertec. By integrating the latest Intel processors and Hypertec immersion-born cloud services with our immersion-cooled data center infrastructure, we’re revolutionizing data center efficiency and performance. Together with Intel and Hypertec, we’re leading the charge in sustainable computing, delivering unparalleled performance, scalability, and cost savings to our customers”, said Bob Henley, CEO of ADACEN.

As Hypertec Cloud, Intel, and ADACEN embark on this transformative journey, they reaffirm their commitment to sustainability and technological excellence. Hypertec’s Sustainable AI Cloud platform is not just a product—it’s a promise to customers and the planet. Hypertec Cloud is shaping a greener, more efficient future, ensuring its innovative solutions lead the way in sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

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