IBM notches up innovation with the latest IBM® LinuxONE

The IBM® LinuxONE server leverages six decades of IBM expertise in engineering infrastructure for the modern enterprise to provide a purpose-built Linux server for transaction and data-serving. As such, IBM LinuxONE is built to deliver security, scalability, reliability and performance, while it’s engineered to offer efficient use of datacenter power and footprint for sustainable and cost-effective cloud computing.

The fourth generation of IBM LinuxONE introduces technologies such as the Security and Compliance Center designed to significantly simplify audit readiness, quantum-safe algorithms designed to help protect data in the post-quantum age, and the Integrated Accelerator for AI inferencing on the Telum processor to assist in making in-transaction AI tractable.

IBM LinuxONE has delivered a rich roadmap of features including a general purpose HSM with industry leading, certified tamper detection and response capabilities as defined by FIPS 140-2 Level 4, PCI HSM certified payment HSMs2, hardware based pause-less garbage collection for Java, EAL5+ isolation between virtual partitions, high performance on-core cryptography, secure enclaves for confidential computing and so much more.

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