Iceotope Technologies reaches agreement to offer more sustainable liquid cooling

Iceotope Technologies announced an OEM agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to offer its liquid-cooled chassis with HPE ProLiant servers in its Ku:l Extreme Data Centre solution. The combined solution runs in enterprise data centres as well as at the extreme edge to enable reliable performance and efficiency while ensuring a high level of protection required for harsh edge environments.

The microdata centre solution is for distributing enterprise-grade computing to extreme edge environments where people, airborne contaminants, moisture and the elements provide a real IT challenge and threat. This solution is single server enabled, ultra-efficient and highly scalable. It provides zero-touch operation with advanced Out of Band Management offering complete control of the entire system, remotely.

“IT and data centre managers are being tasked to meet targets for sustainability whilst data gravity creates more complexity as it draws more and more processing and analytics power to the edge, in closer proximity to the point of use,” David Craig, CEO of Iceotope Technologies, said. “This agreement with HPE provides access to the most efficient and effective solution for maintaining servers in an optimum environment for reliable IT services.

Liquid cooling offers significant benefits in the area of simplicity, cost, heat capture, and energy efficiency. While these advantages are both tangible and measurable, other liquid cooling technologies will have design constraints that are likely to be imposed on the IT design with possible performance limitations depending on the solution provider.

The company’s chassis-level precision immersion cooling solution removes the heat from every part of the system reliably and efficiently. Precision delivery of dielectric coolant mitigates the need to constrain the design of the IT solution while maximising the cooling directly to the hotspots. This means there are no performance-throttling hotspots and no front-to-back air-cooling, or bottom to top immersion constraints.

The announcement of the agreement with HPE follows on from the formation of a strategic alliance between Iceotope, Schneider Electric and Avnet, which offers an innovative response to challenges driven by rising chip and rack densities, pressures to increase energy efficiency, space constraints, water usage restrictions and harsh edge environments. 

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