iM Critical unveils Miami data centre- advancing sustainability and connectivity

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iM Critical, a visionary data centre and IT services company, announces its latest addition to the growing portfolio: the iM Critical Miami data centre. Spanning 100,000 square feet, this purpose-built facility prioritises sustainability and currently offers 50,000 square feet of space and 5MW of power capacity.

Strategically located in Miami, the data centre resides above the 100+ year flood plain and outside hurricane evacuation zones, ensuring the safety of advanced IT equipment. It provides high floor load capacity and 13’8’’ clear ceiling heights, offering ample space and power without the usual constraints seen in the market’s existing facilities.

The data centre’s connectivity is exceptional, meeting and surpassing customer demands for data agility and mobility. It boasts diverse fibre entrances with carrier-neutral interconnection to numerous peers and a direct public cloud on-ramp. Accessibility to interstate highways and major airports further enhances its appeal. Customers can choose from scalable retail and wholesale colocation options and benefit from a 24/7 onsite Network Operations Centre, disaster recovery suites, and comprehensive IT managed services, including managed servers, storage, networking, and cyber security support.

Moreover, the data centre’s power infrastructure, fed from two utility substations, is fortified by on-site renewable energy sources, aligning with iM Critical’s commitment to environmentally conscious and sustainable IT practises. This ensures the company and its clients play a crucial role in addressing the urgent mandate of combating climate change through energy-efficient data centre operations.

“Our Pittsburgh announcement was only the first step for us in our mission of shaping the future of data centres to be more attuned to and impactful for demands across edge, sustainability, IT outsourcing, intelligent and innovative data centre philosophies, and more,” states Michael Roark, CEO of iM Critical. “This Miami location has the potential to remove many barriers for organisations within this metro, allowing for unimpeded growth across space, power, connectivity and environmental consciousness. Of course, these digitally transformative offerings are supported by our high-touch service and our team’s high degree of experience in designing, engineering, building, owning, and operating data centres. We’re thrilled to be bringing this game-changing location to market.”

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