Immersion cooling pioneers team up for demonstration at SC22

immersion cooling

Hypertec, a global high-performance computing innovator, has joined with Nautilus Data Technologies, an industry leader in sustainable data centres, at SC22 Conference in Dallas to showcase their innovative strategies to reduce energy consumption for high-performance computing through a water-cooled data centre, utilising immersion cooling in the data halls.

Nautilus and Hypertec will demonstrate mission-critical computing power and accessibility do not have to be compromised when delivering high-powered computing standards, performance, and efficiency – with zero water consumption and measurable energy, and cost savings.

Renowned for its proprietary approach to water-cooled high-density data centres that can be deployed on land and any body of water, Nautilus Data Technologies chose Hypertec to further extend its capabilities with full immersion cooling. Hypertec Immersion Cooling solutions, originally created for the CIARA TRIDENT series servers, are custom-built with the Submer SmartPod and are proven to reduce data center energy consumption by up to 95 per cent. “We are excited to expand our partnership with Hypertec into one of the most innovative data centre operators on the planet, Nautilus Data Technologies. It is only by thinking out of the box and taking designs to the next level that we will overcome the challenges faced by the industry and our planet,” said Daniel Pope, co-founder and CEO of Submer. With immersion cooling, energy and heating from the tank are re-circulated to warm buildings during cooler months, further offsetting carbon emissions and electricity costs.

“Nautilus is uniquely equipped to deliver the most efficient high-performance data centers on the market,” said Patrick Quirk, chief technology officer, Nautilus. “Partnering with Hypertec was a logical next step in offering our customers even more sustainable, cost-saving energy reduction from immersion cooling. The Hypertec liquid immersion cooling solution opens the door for Nautilus customers to push the limits of increased Kilowatts for unrivaled power, without increased electricity consumption.”

“As we began to explore how Hypertec could offer lasting sustainability and measurable ROI for our customers, liquid immersion cooling was the answer to reduce power consumption in innovative ways, while still delivering power, efficiency, and cost-effective computing for our customers,” said Patrick Scateni, vice-president of global sales, Hypertec. “Partnering with Nautilus is proof that performance does not have to suffer in energy savings and sustainability. We’re eager to see how far partners like Nautilus can push the boundaries of high-performance computing while reducing our carbon footprint.”

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