Immersion4 & Pollutrack: pioneering a greener and safer data centre ecosystem

Immersion4 & Pollutrack has announced an unprecedented technology partnership in the fields of energy conservation, datacenter efficiency and pollution detection of fine particles PM2.5 in ambient air.

Pollutrack, already deployed in over 30 capitals and major cities; and Immersion4 awarded for

best use of ICT, Global excellence award and ITU partner since 2019 in sustainability, Diamond

sponsor of the “AI for Good” world leading initiative, aims to become the standard of pollution

free eco-responsible data centres, as energy issues and air quality are crucial and intrinsically


These fine particles of less than 2.5 microns constitute the most dangerous of all air pollutants, capable through the pulmonary alveoli of invading the bloodstream, impacting most organs

beyond respiratory function. Together with two major research institutes, CNRS and Inserm,

Pollutrack established in July 2023 the close correlation between PM2.5 and Covid mortality.

Immersion4 DTM TM system are acting like a real-time sensor comparing PM2.5 at the very heart of the datacenter with the outdoor level pollution, proving to everyone involved that the data running is operated in a healthy environment, immune from fine particles spikes still occurring at times across the world, representing the #1 death cause.

The very concept of green, safe and lean data centre is thus reinvented, allowing its seamless

integration in any urban environments, including high-density megacities most exposed to

PM2.5 spikes.

This is a major step forward in the creation of solutions based on the principles of eco-

conservation and environmental protection demonstrating Energy & Volume optimisation

without alteration of air quality traditionally inherent to any industrial activity.

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