Innovative data centre agnostic platform delivers critical sustainability tracking

Big Data Exchange (BDx) has launched 360°View. BDx customers have used the cloud-native 360°View platform for the past three years to gather power and environmental-related analytics from dispersed data centres across Asia.

Effective immediately, the latest version is available as a free download to all users across multiple verticals, including non-BDx customers, to manage their power efficiency and carbon footprints from anywhere in the world. This current iteration now provides the carbon-related math for any building, data centre, power utility, or sustainable forestry programs that connect to 360°View.

With sustainability an urgent initiative these days, 360°View eliminates the complexity associated with carbon accounting and tracking carbon credits or offsets. The various carbon exchanges and bodies administering carbon credits and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) currently rely on third-party consultants to validate credit and offset claims. This human factor is cumbersome, expensive, and prone to conflicts of interest. It is also error-ridden, and double counting is a significant problem. As Greenhouse Gas (GHG) producers pledge to reduce their carbon footprint and commit to aggressive net-zero or even carbon-negative goals, 360°View provides them a solution to track and measure carbon accurately, 24×7, 365 days a year with zero human intervention. On the back end, 360°View can either digitally submit applications to traditional carbon exchanges or become a trusted node in any carbon token blockchain.  

“Traditionally, 360°View is used by data centres and colocation users to holistically monitor and manage their power-related efficiencies, asset health, and hybrid infrastructure inventory,” Sujit Panda, CTO at BDx, said. “This new version now also measures CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness) to help companies report and receive carbon credits. This revolutionary feature means 360°View is no longer a tool just for colocation customers and data centres, but can also be used by residential and commercial buildings, utility companies, and sustainable forestry programs. Being native green, sustainability is embedded in the BDx DNA, and it was a natural decision for us to offer the software globally for free.”

With three editions — ranging from a free basic version to a full-featured enterprise-level plan — the 360°View experience allows both colocation and renewables sector users to scale up at any time to access more comprehensive features, including connecting to carbon registries and carbon credit token blockchains. 

Existing users like the capability 360°View puts at their fingertips.  “We are very pleased to have installed the full-featured version on our racks in BDx’s SIN1 facility in Singapore,” Marcus Cheng, CEO at Acclivis Technologies & Solutions, says. “Our managed services team can now monitor our assets and their performance remotely from anywhere, adding another level of real-time insights.”

Phil Martin, VP, Network Infrastructure at EXA, added that 360°View is an excellent data centre tool that assists with standardisation, real-time capacity management and reporting while simplifying the process for our engineers. “The ability to provide real-time reporting on power benefits tracking of PUE improvements enables exceptional visibility,” he concluded.

360°View is already getting attention amongst renewable energy providers among them Taiwan Cube Energy, a renewable energy provider in Taiwan. “All we have to do is connect to their APIs, and we will have our carbon reload math done for us,” John Cheung, CEO of Taiwan Cube Energy, said. “It will also allow carbon registries or carbon token blockchains to accurately and transparently validate our carbon credit and offset claims.” 

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