Inspur to promote development for data center industry in Southeast Asia

Recently, Inspur signed strategic cooperation agreements with Malaysia’s large data center operator and Singapore’s A3 Capital to jointly promote the development of the data center industry in Southeast Asia.

The Malaysian partner is a well-known independent data center operator in the country. According to the agreement, Inspur will share resources with it and complement each other’s advantages in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) engineering construction, supply chain, customer introduction and other aspects related to data centers, so as to jointly promote the development plan of data centers in Malaysia.

A3 Capital is a Singapore-based fund management company focusing on investing in the data center business. Inspur will work with A3 Capital to promote the construction and services of data centers in Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.

At present, Inspur has built seven core data centers and 62 secondary data centers in China and participated in the construction of commercial data centers in Singapore and Malaysia. Notably, it cooperated with the Singaporean data center operator DoDID to build a large regional data center and obtain the international Uptime Tier III data center certification, with an overall power usage effectiveness (PUE) lower than 1.4.

Inspur is qualified as a top enterprise in the data center industry and has a competitive professional team with its core members passing international Uptime certification. On March 27, 2020, GlobalData, the world’s leading authoritative international consulting company, released a global data center assessment report. The report rated Inspur as “Very Strong” in six core competitiveness dimensions: Vision & Strategy, Momentum & Stability, Innovation, Product Portfolio, Go-to-Market, and Service & Support, which was on par with enterprises such as Dell and HPE.

In addition to cutting-edge digital products and technologies, Inspur has provided support services for 178 operators in 88 countries and regions, developed strong technical solutions and established a global service delivery system. In Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, Inspur has set up companies and representative offices and built up local service teams, thus accumulating rich experience in data center construction.

By cooperating with the two partners and relying on its own advantages, Inspur will provide customers with one-stop data center construction services and supporting products, covering planning consulting, professional design, construction implementation, test verification, operation and maintenance, so as to comprehensively improve the construction quality and service standards of data centers. Inspur hopes to provide support and guarantee for the development of the digital economy and industrial digital transformation in Southeast Asia.

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