Intel unveils new data centre chip with focus on AI growth

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Intel is fully embracing artificial intelligence with its newest line of data centre chips, unveiling the 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors. The chips, which the company unveiled alongside its new Core Ultra line of processors for laptops, are part of Intel’s attempt to prove it can innovate at the same pace as rivals including AMD, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.

While the 5th Gen Xeon chip won’t replace Nvidia-style AI accelerators in terms of dedicated power, it does offer AI functionality of its own, while powering other high-performance computing operations.

“Designed for AI, our 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors provide greater performance to customers deploying AI capabilities across cloud, network, and edge use cases,” Sandra Rivera, the executive vice president of Intel’s Data Centre and AI Group, said in a statement.

“As a result of our long-standing work with customers, partners, and the developer ecosystem, we’re launching 5th Gen Intel Xeon on a proven foundation that will enable rapid adoption and scale at lower [total cost of ownership].”

Intel says the 5th Gen chips provide a 21% performance boost over their predecessors and 36% more performance per watt. Improved performance per watt means that companies can push processor-intensive tasks while using less overall power. That results in an overall cost savings in the long run.

The chip giant estimates that companies upgrading to its 5th Gen chips will see a 77% improvement in total cost of ownership if they follow a five-year system refresh cycle.

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