InterCloud launches new connection points in Mumbai


InterCloud, a leading software-defined cloud interconnect (SDCI) provider, has announced the opening of its first point of presence in India, with the deployment of two connection points (known as Edges) in Mumbai. The opening of the new connection points should allow InterCloud to support its existing customers with connectivity in what is a key region for several of its clients. 

InterCloud has chosen the Equinix MB2 and TATA LVSB sites in Mumbai to host its Edges. It will provide connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, with onramps from either Equinix MB2 or LVSB sites. 

AWS and Azure are the first Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to connect with InterCloud in Mumbai, and the company anticipates forming several more CSP connections here in the near future. With a fully compliant strategy in place, a large multinational in the electrical and sustainability business will be InterCloud’s first customer to be onboarded through the new Edge in Mumbai. 

“We are delighted to be expanding our presence to India,” said InterCloud’s COO, Amine Gharbaoui. “India is a hugely important location for many of our existing customers and the move will allow us to offer enhanced connectivity services to those who are operating in the region.    

“We have seen the demand for new connection points grow rapidly in recent years, driven by an uptick in cloud adoption and the need for enhanced digital services. With these new Edges, we can provide customers with faster and more reliable connectivity to continue to support them with their own expansion plans.  

Amine concluded: “We believe expanding our footprint in the region will give us a significant competitive advantage and demonstrates our commitment to delivering our solutions worldwide. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with connectivity services both in India and throughout the rest of Asia.”

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