Involta is now ‘ark data centers’

In response to the surging demand for edge data centers and cloud infrastructure amid the AI revolution, Involta is rebranding as ark data centers.

ark will continue to address the critical need for scalable infrastructure by investing in expanding its existing locations to support enterprise and hyperscale edge capacity needed for data center, cloud and network interconnection.

“The decision to relaunch as ark was driven by the insatiable growth of infrastructure requirements for space, power and compute options,” said Brett Lindsey, Chief Executive Officer of ark data centers.

ark also launched a new website,, which highlights the DNA of the business: d — data center infrastructure; n — network infrastructure; and a — the response to the surge of AI and automation.

The Carlyle-backed company most recently entered the Green Bay market with plans to expand the existing campus with up to 20MW of capacity. The facility is poised to meet the rising colocation demands of critical high-tech industries in a desirable area for edge deployments. As part of its growth plan, ark’s roadmap contains several soon-to-be-announced projects in emerging edge markets.

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