IP3 and Green Energy Partners to pursue green data centre facility

IP3 Corporation and Green Energy Partners have collaboratively agreed to pursue clean, green energy projects by establishing the Surry Green Energy Centre, LLC to implement innovative commercial plans targeting baseload and industrial energy needs in Virginia.

The project features a land acquisition plan for green data centres, with future options to build carbon free hydrogen and nuclear energy production facilities. Virginia’s data centres process over 70% of the world’s internet data and the need for data storage and handling is growing exponentially. These data centres also consume about 25% of Virginia’s energy, powered today by carbon-based fuels. The Surry Green Energy Centre will be a new data centre hub powered by carbon-free green energy and from small-modular reactors (SMRs) on-site.

The project includes a fleet of 4-6 SMRs powering 20-30 data centres, generating hydrogen fuel, and providing backup power for Virginia’s grid. The Surry Green Energy Centre will expand Virginia’s data centre capacity and offset escalating power demands.

“As we look to build on our dominance in energy-intensive industries like data centres and advanced computing and increase our leadership in emerging fields like advanced manufacturing, ag-tech, and biopharmaceuticals, we know that our grid must deliver power, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and it must deliver that power at a competitive price.,” wrote Governor Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia Energy Plan.

Strategically located in Surry County, Virginia, the joint IP3-GEP project will supply digital infrastructure and future power supply services to government agencies and military bases across the Washington, DC, to Norfolk, VA region. The SGEC project is estimated to create more than 3,000 jobs in the Surry area, boosting the local economy by generating millions in annual salaries and revenue.

The IP3-GEP relationship will involve collaboration to lead the transition for energy generation options in the region. IP3 will provide project development, financial structuring, and funding solutions in a phased approach. The joint agreement addresses inception, development, financing, and operations that will attract private capital and cutting-edge energy companies to Virginia.

“The Commonwealth of Virginia has developed a purposeful plan for their energy future. They are ready to harness the smart energy transition to create jobs for Americans and set an example for developing clean industrial zones,” explained Michael Hewitt, Co-Founder and CEO of IP3. “Infrastructure investment needs to be radically reoriented. The combined expertise of GEP and IP3 will access private capital markets to help Virginia’s energy sector become a model for an era of American energy sovereignty.”

“For nearly fifty years, we have delivered positive growth for Virginia. Today, we see a clear path to clean power that reinforces America’s national security and supports a carbon-free future,” explained Mark Andrews, CEO of Green Energy Partners. “GEP and IP3 offer a powerful partnership to pioneer an America-first solution for low-carbon energy security.”

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