Iris Energy invests in NVIDIA’s latest-generation artificial intelligence H100 GPUs

Iris Energy is expanding its next-generation data centres to target the generative AI market, while also maintaining its core business in Bitcoin mining. The company has made an initial investment of approximately US$10 million to acquire 248 NVIDIA H100 GPUs.

This expansion into generative AI is facilitated by the company’s next-gen data centres, designed for power-dense computing, equipped with high-efficiency cooling systems, powered by 100% renewable energy, and boasting 760MW of available power capacity. This strategic move aligns with the company’s management team track record and experience. The forthcoming delivery of the GPUs will not only allow the company to evaluate the suitability of its data centres for generative AI but also showcase its capabilities to potential customers.

Daniel Roberts, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Iris Energy, commented: “Leveraging our next-generation data centres into generative AI is an exciting opportunity, particularly given current industry shortages in rack space and compute. We believe demand for sustainable computing is unlikely to go away, and feel we are uniquely positioned to capture ongoing growth in the broader industry; whether that be ASICs for Bitcoin mining, or GPUs for generative AI and beyond.”

Denis Skrinnikoff, Chief Technology Officer of Iris Energy, commented: “Having spent my career building, designing and operating Tier 2-4 data centre facilities, I believe Iris Energy is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the generative AI opportunity. Without the constraints of more traditional colocation & hyperscale data centres, we envisage being able to continue developing and delivering cutting-edge, fit-for-purpose, and eco-friendly compute.”

Iris Energy is a sustainable Bitcoin mining company that supports the decarbonisation of energy markets and the global Bitcoin network. It targets sites with low-cost, under-utilised renewable energy, and supports local communities.

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