ITRenew join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

ITRenew has announced that the company has joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). As a new WBCSD member, the company will bring more than a decade of experience in circular economy and sustainable tech practices to the organisation. They are on a mission to make sustainably sourced, zero-carbon infrastructure the worldwide standard and maximise the lifetime value of data centre technology, in order to put an end to the staggering amount of e-waste and CO2 the IT industry creates.

“We welcome ITRenew to WBCSD and look forward to collaborating with the company and other WBCSD members to make zero carbon and zero waste tangible for the IT industry and beyond,” Peter Bakker, president and CEO of WBCSD, said. “As a WBCSD member, ITRenew will play a key role in scaling up the adoption of the systemic solutions, metrics and methodologies that are needed at the core of decarbonisation policies and business operations worldwide.”

Within WBCSD, the company will be participating in the Circular Electronic Partnership (CEP), working with other experts, business leaders and global organisations to co-design circular economic solutions and streamline processes that fundamentally advance global sustainability standards and guidelines. Their expertise and passion for decarbonising the value chain via metrics and goal setting will help companies across the world match their ambition with robust, actionable strategies that accelerate much-needed systems transformation.

“In joining WBCSD, we see tremendous opportunity to convene with like-minded global leaders to drive action and progress toward an economic engine that maximises both productivity and sustainability,” Ali Fenn, president of ITRenew, said. “Building from our core business of orchestrating a global circular economic model in the data centre IT hardware industry, we see an opportunity to team up with the 200 WBCSD member companies to further catalyse cross-industry progress, standards and behavioural change globally.”

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