ITV switch to the cloud for streaming services

ITV has changed its platform for live streaming channels with cloud-based technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Previously, the streaming platform provided six linear channels in the ITV Hub app.

The company has now moved the majority of its video processing and transport into the cloud with the help of AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaConnect.

“Having more of our live stream workflow in the cloud will allow us to better serve all of our audiences and keep pace with evolving viewer expectations,” Andrew Pearson, principal solutions architect of content, supply and distribution at ITV, said. “Considering the scope of the project, we carefully examined our options, and AWS emerged as a clear winner in many categories. We’re confident that AWS will continue to bring us innovative new features that will allow us to elevate the viewer experience.”

The updated platform is distributed across two playout centres located in the north and south of the UK. These playout centres provide the six ITV channels for satellite and terrestrial transmission, and to the live streaming platform encoders.

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