JetCool’s smartplate system: enhancing cooling efficiency for Sabey Data Centres

JetCool Technologies, an innovator in advanced liquid cooling solutions, and Sabey Data Centres, a premier colocation data centre provider, has published results from their ongoing collaboration, first launched in September 2023.

The documented deployment reveals how the state-of-the-art SmartPlate™ System, with its innovative approach to direct-to-chip liquid cooling, has significantly improved thermal management and reduced energy consumption in existing data centre setups. This partnership signifies dedication to exploring breakthroughs in advanced cooling solutions for high-density chips, setting a precedent for sustainable and efficient data centre operation.

The SmartPlate System realised a 13.5% reduction in power consumption compared to traditional air-cooled servers. The system achieved a 32% decrease in CPU to inlet temperature differential, leading to lower cooling energy usage.

“As the data centre industry transitions to liquid cooling, JetCool’s SmartPlate System will help Sabey to bridge the gap,” says Sasser. “With investments in AI and HPC, more companies are looking for colocation facilities that can support high-density IT deployments. The SmartPlate System is a practical and cost-effective solution that allows Sabey’s customers to deploy higher density servers without the expenses related to a full liquid cooling application, especially in existing air-cooled facilities. As we continue to lead the way in introducing efficient data centre solutions, I believe the SmartPlate System will be a great option for us.”

“Our collaboration with Sabey Data Centres highlights the real-world advantages and scalability of our cooling solutions in a demanding data centre environment,” stated Bernie Malouin, CEO of JetCool. “It’s about providing a scalable, sustainable solution that meets the growing demand for more powerful and efficient data centre operations. By delivering enhanced cooling efficiency without the need for extensive infrastructure overhauls, JetCool and Sabey are setting new benchmarks for the industry.”

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