JP 3E Holdings and Archeo Futurus enter strategic alliance agreement

JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc., signs strategic alliance with Archeo Futurus, Inc. which is a pioneering technology firm that will be working in a strategic alliance with JP3E. This alliance positions both companies to be key players in the infrastructure development to revolutionize Data Centers within seven regions across the US. The initial deployment of the technology will be in New York and Kokomo, Indiana. This strategic agreement aims to integrate Archeo Futurus’ patented serverless cloud native technology into JP3E’s upcoming Data Centers.

Archeo Futurus offers cutting-edge serverless native cloud technology, designed to enhance efficiency, scalability, and performance in data processing and management. The patented technology allows for seamless scaling, reduced operational costs, and improved environmental sustainability by minimizing energy consumption.

The collaboration will leverage JP3E’s expertise in infrastructure development to ensure the Data Centers in New York and Kokomo are built to the highest standards, accommodating Archeo Futurus’ advanced technology.

“We are excited to have formed this strong alliance with Archeo Futurus. This alliance is expected to bring over premium revenues to JP3E over the next 12 months. Our upcoming public announcements will indicate the strength of this alliance.” said John K. Park, Chairman and CEO of JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc.

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