JPNAP open IXP at NTT SmartConnect Fukuoka Tenjin data centre

NTT SmartConnect Corporation and INTERNET MULTIFEED CO. will open an IX service connection point at NTT SmartConnect “Fukuoka Tenjin Data Centre” for the JPNAP service in Fukuoka area from April 2024.

NTT SmartConnect has been providing colocation and optical cabling services in Fukuoka Tenjin DC in the Tenjin area since September 2023, in line with growing demand for interconnection services in the western Japan area. Fukuoka Tenjin DC is connected to NTT Hakata Building West Wing and QTnet Fukuoka Data Centre 3 (QD3) via optical fibre, enabling high-quality and secure Internet interconnection.

The rapid growth of JPNAP Fukuoka shows the strong demand of interconnection by Internet Service Providers in Kyushu region and global content providers, accordingly Multifeed made the decision to expand its connection point to Fukuoka Tenjin DC together with NTT SmartConnect.

NTT SmartConnect and Multifeed will continue to work together to respond to increasing Internet traffic, such as improving connectivity through the expansion of interconnection sites and contribute to the further development of the Internet and the improvement of its reliability as a social infrastructure.

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