Juniper solution boost data centre automation in Finland

Juniper Networks announced that DNA, a leading telecommunications company in Finland, has opted to deploy Juniper Apstra Solution to automate data centre infrastructure. Along with Juniper’s technology, the Finnish telecom entity also leveraged NEC Corporation’s multi-domain network systems integration capability to deploy the automation features.

As digital transformation gains pace worldwide, industries are experiencing a significant uptick in data-intensive applications. This data surge has resulted in multiple challenges in data centres. Complexity in operations, scalability limitations, configuration errors and resource optimisation are primary challenges faced by data centre operators. Juniper Apstra can effectively address these issues.

Apstra offers an intent-based networking solution aimed at streamlining and automating the design, installation and operation of data centre networks. Its cutting-edge features provide comprehensive end-to-end visibility in real-time, enabling performance optimisation in a multivendor environment. Leveraging these real-time insights, Apstra also provides highly precise root cause analysis of network issues. It boosts transparency in network operations.

These capabilities will empower DNA to reduce data centre downtime, improve service reliability and enhance overall productivity. Furthermore, the solution ensures swift troubleshooting and strengthens security through closed-loop assurance and a self-validation procedure.

DNA’s latest data centre will act as a unified platform for business-to-business customer services and internal IT services. By integrating Juniper’s technology, DNA is aiming to reduce complexity in operations, reduce human errors and enable operators to optimise workloads. This allows staff to focus on more strategic and complex aspects of data centre management. This will better equip operators to venture into new revenue-generating opportunities and provide the scalability to match changing demand patterns.

Apstra will further enable DNA to establish data centre network templates based on specific business goals. To obtain DNA’s defined outcomes, Apstra seamlessly transformed these templates into network configurations.

Additionally, Juniper’s offerings also include the QFX Series switches for DNA’s Telco cloud sites across Finland. The solution delivers high throughput and reliability required to match the low latency network requirements of mobile users.

Juniper is leveraging the 400-gig cycle to capture hyperscale switching opportunities inside the data centre. The company is set to capitalise on the increasing demand for data centre virtualization, cloud computing and mobile traffic packet/optical convergence.

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