Kao Data lends a hand to Changing Lives to support frontline community work

Kao Data, a specialist developer and operator of high-performance data centres for enterprise, cloud, HPC, and AI, is collaborating with the local Harlow-based charity Changing Lives Community Services, a not-for-profit early intervention and prevention project that supports vulnerable children in Essex and beyond through sporting and community engagement programmes.

The partnership is a critical part of Kao Data’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework, providing positive local support in the Harlow community, alongside funding and advocacy for a host of Changing Lives charity programmes, like Children’s Free Sports Activity & Coach Education Programme in Harlow, Ghana Volunteering Coaching and Community Support Programme, its Refugee Cricket Club, and Men’s and Women’s Football teams.

Kao Data’s collaboration with Changing Lives aims to provide proactive local support, funding, and advocacy, as well as raise awareness of the purpose and role of data centres in the lives of children, by sharing how technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the world around us. Furthermore, the collaboration will highlight the crucial work of local hero, Sir Charles Kao, who pioneered fibre optical communication technology in the neighbouring Harlow Science Park, and will assist in providing a blueprint for pursuing local jobs in tech.

Changing Lives is a local not-for-profit organisation that was founded with the goal of providing children with social, sporting, and work experiences that instill confidence and motivation, as well as opportunities and pathways to a positive future, primarily through sports and community engagement programmes. Its Children’s Free Sports Activity & Coach Education Programme, for example, offers a variety of football, netball, and cricket groups for children aged six and above, as well as dedicated mini-bus transportation for their most vulnerable members.

Looking forward, Kao Data has pledged to increase its support for the valuable work that Changing Lives is undertaking in the local community, providing funding and advocacy on a long-term basis. The charity’s life-changing work provides a vital lifeline to children on a local and international scale.

“At Kao Data, we’re strong advocates for the work of Changing Lives, and the values they’re championing within our local Harlow community,” said Adam Nethersole, VP, Kao Data. “We’re proud to be supporting them with both funding and advocacy to help raise awareness of their vital prevention and intervention programmes, and to help provide an important support function for vulnerable children and refugees at a grassroots level.”

“The strength and support of our partners in our local community is critical to the success of our charity programmes, and we’re delighted to be working with Kao Data,” said Ben Doyle, Co-Director, Changing Lives. “Having a local advocate of their standing is incredibly rewarding and will help us continue our work in Harlow and our new hub in Colchester, and through our international projects in Ghana.”

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