Keysight (KEYS) rolls out AI data center testing solution

Keysight Technologies launched the cutting-edge Keysight AI Data Center Test platform engineered to drive innovation in AI/ML network validation and optimization. Keysight’s data center solution accelerates AI/ML network design by emulating high-scale AI workloads accurately, delivering in-depth insights into collective communication performance.

Keysight has collaborated with leading AI operators and AI infrastructure vendors to develop pre-packaged benchmark applications. Alongside streamlining the benchmarking process, it also offers a range of test engines. It efficiently executes defined AI/ML behavioral models and allows sharing between users and customers to help reproduce experiments.

The adoption of advanced AI is witnessing solid momentum across industries. Developing, training and ensuring rapid deployments of AI models is a rising challenge for enterprises. Processing of large AI/ML workloads requires strong computing capability with high networking bandwidth. Nonetheless, managing the costs associated with AI model design and evaluating numerous what-if scenarios is a challenging endeavor for AI operators.

Keysight effectively addresses this issue. The state-of-the-art AI Data Center Test platform is a scalable, robust, and integrated testing platform for AI applications that enables AI operators to perform extensive validation and experimentation in a realistic and cost-efficient manner. The solution is already gaining attention from industry leaders such as Arista Networks. Keysight’s strategic approach to driving innovation and expanding its portfolio, in line with evolving market dynamics, is poised to bolster its commercial prospect.

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