Khazna launches hyperscale AI-ready data center in Masdar City 

Khazna Data Centers, the largest hyperscale wholesale data center provider in the Middle East and North Africa, has launched its flagship data center in Abu Dhabi (AUH6). Located in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, AUH6 has been designed to facilitate the UAE’s AI ambitions and underpins the company’s unwavering commitment to shaping the digital future.

AUH6, which combines advanced technology, security, and sustainability, stands at the forefront of the UAE’s digital transformation, signifying Khazna’s commitment to shaping tomorrow’s AI reality. In an era driven by data and AI, AUH6 emerges as a hub for exclusive AI-related data development and hosting for its customers, offering 31.8-megawatt (MW) of IT power capacity. The latest data center represents a facilitator of AI growth, positioning Khazna’s increasing number of data centers as an epicenter of digital evolution.

Located strategically in Masdar City, an urban development renowned for its commitment to sustainable practices and innovative technologies, AUH6 aligns with Khazna’s Future First Strategy, which outlines the company’s sustainability ambitions. The data center employs a modular and repeatable structure that not only enhances construction efficiency, but also boosts performance, accelerates deployment timelines, and ensures seamless day-to-day operations.

Through Khazna’s collaboration with Emerge, a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) plant has been developed to efficiently provide electricity to fuel the operations at AUH6. This solar plant boasts an impressive installed capacity of 7 megawatts peak (MWp). The external architecture of the AUH6 was also crafted to protect the facility from the adverse effects of direct sunlight. This design approach effectively reduces the infiltration of heat into the building, therefore enhancing the data center’s efficiency and sustainability.

Hassan Alnaqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centers, emphasized: ” AUH6 embodies Khazna’s commitment to pushing boundaries of technological innovation and sustainability in data center infrastructure. We anticipate that AI will positively transform the technological landscape, and Khazna is ready to shape this AI reality of tomorrow. With the expected surge in data volumes brought by the integration and widespread use of AI, the design, build and operations of data centers will undergo significant reshaping, and we are confident that AUH6 is designed to incorporate these advancements. We look forward to connecting our customers to the power of AI through AUH6, a facility that demonstrates Khazna’s extensive years of knowledge and technological innovation.”

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