Khazna to power its data centres with bio-fuel?

Khazna Data Centres, headquartered in the UAE and and provider of hyperscale wholesale data centre, is strategizing to integrate biofuels to fuel its data centres. The company has outlined a pilot project scheduled to commence before the conclusion of 2023.

Hassan Alnaqbi, Chief Executive Officer at Khazna Data Centres said the switch to biofuel marks an important step in the company’s sustainability journey.

“As technology advances, we will witness an enormous increase in data volumes. To meet this demand, data centres will require much higher density rack configurations, which in turn require more energy. Our role as an industry leader is to look at viable options to make our data centres more sustainable.”

During the initial phase of the trial, the team plans to mix biofuel with conventional diesel fuel, closely observing its operational efficacy.

Upon successful validation of the pilot project, Khazna aims to integrate biofuel usage into all of its data centres.

Alnaqbi expects significant reductions in CO2 emissions as a result of Khazna’s adjustment in its strategy, which strengthens environmental responsibility within the data centre industry without compromising on operational reliance and efficiency.

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