Kyndryl partners with Start Campus for renewable energy powered data centre technology

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The leading provider of IT infrastructure services, Kyndryl, and Start Campus, the developer of the SINES Project, a 495 MW hyperscale data centre development, have signed an agreement wherein Kyndryl will provide design, implementation, and management of IT security and data network services for Start Campus’s SINES Project operations.

Kyndryl will monitor the critical IT and real-time Operational Technology environments at Start Campus’s data centre campus. Through the implementation of monitoring systems and protocols, they will track the operation of these essential environments for large-scale data processing in real-time. This proactive approach ensures the identification of irregularities, failures, or security threats, guaranteeing the protection and optimal operation of the IT/OT systems on the campus.

“Constant and comprehensive monitoring of the entire data ecosystem plays a key role in maintaining the integrity, availability and security of critical digital infrastructure, contributing to the efficiency and success of SINES Project operations, one of the largest hyperscale data centre developments in Europe,” says Afonso Salema, CEO of Start Campus. “This partnership with Kyndryl, which we are very proud of, puts our project at the forefront in terms of security at a time when cybersecurity is of critical and central importance.”

The new services provided by Kyndryl will allow Start Campus to take advantage of expertise in its Security and Resiliency and Network and Edge practises.

The partnership with Kyndryl is set to enhance Start Campus’s global presence as a data company, particularly in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Leveraging Kyndryl’s international expertise and market reach, Start Campus aims to expand its sustainability objectives worldwide. Both companies recognise the immense potential for synergies in their collaboration, expecting to elevate their business strategies and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

“The project’s environmental nature, with the goal of providing revolutionary and innovative data centre technology powered by 100% renewable energy, brought even more motivation from Kyndryl’s teams to participate in this project,” says Paulo Coelho, Practices Leader at Kyndryl Portugal.

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