Largest data centre operator in Baltics deploys new enterprise solution


Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, has announced that Greenergy Data Centers (GDC) has deployed Juniper’s cloud-ready data centre and AI-driven enterprise solutions to support its business and data centre operations.

Renewable energy sources and the Nordic climate will be utilised to lower cooling-related power consumption in the data centre, and residual heat generated by equipment will be used to warm GDC’s offices. It also has the technical capacity to share excess heat with a district heating plant, which can then be used by local homes and offices.

The Juniper network supports the company’s integrated building and power management system, with thousands of telemetry sensors that facilitate the delivery of safe, reliable power. Hundreds of motion-activated thermal cameras connect to the network in support of GDC’s efforts to provide the highest levels of physical security.

GDC relies on Juniper for its access network. Mist AI offers the organisation visibility into its wireless network and an easier way to build and configure the network, resulting in less cost, increased productivity, improved efficiency and reduced errors. Juniper Access Points and Juniper EX Switches deliver faster, more reliable connectivity in Greenergy’s network operations centre, day-use client offices, assembly rooms and warehouse.

“As the first data center of its kind in the Baltics, GDC attracts more technology-driven businesses to the region while minimizing the environmental impact of digitalization. We always look for vendor partners that also focus on sustainability, and we chose Juniper for that reason coupled with its highly reliable networking – a real win-win for us,” said Aivar Karu, chief information officer at Greenergy Data Centers.

“With the ongoing proliferation of digital transformation across all private and public sectors of industry, the need for more intelligent, secure networks continues to increase. At the same time, climate imperatives and the rising cost of energy make sustainable solutions very compelling. With Juniper solutions, GDC’s data centre network infrastructure is built and operated responsibly to minimise power and space consumption,” said Michael Bushong, group vice president of cloud-ready data centre, Juniper Networks.

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