Latest all-flash development boasts solutions for every storage need

Data storage tech and services company, Pure Storage, have announced that they have achieved their goal of becoming the first technology provider that can satisfy the entirety of a customer’s storage needs with all-flash.

According to Pure Storage, they can achieve this because of their unique differentiation in native flash management, its Purity architecture, its Evergreen subscription, and its cloud operating model. 

“We are now delivering the industry’s most consistent, modern, and reliable portfolio that can address all enterprises’ storage needs. As we enter a new age of AI, the superior economics, and operational and environmental efficiencies of Pure’s product portfolio over both hard disk and SSD-based, all-flash competitive offerings will be more critical to our customers than ever,” said Charles Giancarlo, chairman and CEO of Pure Storage. 

Pure Storage claims that they can provide proof that their solution can improve reliability by a factor of ten over competitors; offer two to five times more power and space efficiency compared to all-flash and ten times more efficiency than disk; and require five to ten times less manual labour to operate than legacy storage.

This, they say, could result in at least a 50 per cent lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to competitive offerings of both flash and hard disk.

Pure Storage said that it is able to deliver these outcomes to meet every storage need because of several unique and sustainable differentiators. Their DirectFlash technology leverages software written directly to raw flash, while other competitors are said to use more expensive, less efficient, and shorter-lived SSDs. Additionally, their highly consolidated product line consists of a common operating system, the Purity operating environment, one management system, Pure1, and operates on both a scale-up and a scale-out platform, while competitors require many disparate software and hardware platforms to cover the same breadth of use cases. 

Pure Storage also leverages their Evergreen model and services, which claims to guarantee that deployed products never become obsolete, adapt to changing needs, and can be upgraded non-disruptively. Additionally, their Cloud Operating Model should enable customers to operate their storage the way that cloud customers operate theirs: highly automated, orchestrated, and available as a service.

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