Legrand acquires California-based ZPE Systems

Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, including data centre solutions, has announced its acquisition is complete of ZPE Systems, Inc., a Fremont company that offers critical solutions and services to deliver resilience and security for customers’ business critical infrastructure. This includes serial console servers, sensors, and services routers that enable remote access and management of network IT equipment from data centres to the edge.

The acquisition brings together ZPE’s secure and open management infrastructure and services delivery platform for data centre, branch, and edge environments to Legrand’s comprehensive data centre solutions of overhead busway, custom cabinets, intelligent PDUs, KVM switches, and advanced fibre solutions.

“ZPE Systems leads the fast growing and profitable data centre and edge management infrastructure market. This acquisition allows Legrand to enter a promising new segment whose strong growth is expected to accelerate further with the development of artificial intelligence and associated needs,” said John Selldorff, President and CEO, Legrand, North and Central America. “Edge computing, AI and operational technology will require more complex data centres and edge infrastructure with intelligent IT needs to be built in disparate remote geographies. This makes remote management and operation a critical requirement. ZPE Systems is well positioned to address this need through high performance automation infrastructure solutions, which are complementary to our current data centre offerings.”

“By joining forces with Legrand, ZPE Systems is advancing our leadership position in management infrastructure and propelling our technology and solutions to further support existing and new market opportunities,” said Zimmermann.

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