Lenovo HPC infrastructure powers pre-exascale supercomputer Marenostrum 5 

Lenovo has announced that the General Purpose Partition of the MareNostrum 5, a new pre-exascale supercomputer running on Lenovo’s HPC infrastructure, has been classified as the top x86 general-purpose cluster on the recently published TOP500 list of the most powerful supercomputers globally.

MareNostrum 5 has been built for the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU). The pre-exascale supercomputer will bolster the EU’s mission to provide Europe with the most advanced supercomputing technology and accelerate the capacity for artificial intelligence (AI) research, enabling new scientific advances that will help solve global challenges. It aims to empower a wide range of complex HPC-specific applications, from climate research and engineering to material science and earth sciences, adeptly handling tasks that extend beyond the capabilities of cloud computing.

MareNostrum5 GPP cluster part will achieve 40.1 Rmax PFlop/s with an efficient power consumption of 5.7MW. The system utilizes Lenovo’s cutting-edge fifth-generation Neptune™ direct water-cooled technology, with the heart of the system being 6400 Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 V3 systems, integrated with the latest 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Lenovo, enabled by the EMEA partner ecosystem, provided the HPC infrastructure built on its award-winning Neptune™ liquid cooling technology. The General-Purpose Partition is the largest of its kind in the world, ranked as the highest x86 general-purpose cluster on the most recent TOP500 list at #19 overall. It was specifically designed to solve complex scientific problems through its capacity to share resources and run multiple tasks or programs simultaneously rather than in isolation. This provides greater flexibility and improved efficiency by enabling access to different users or projects at the same time, depending on their needs.

“We are proud of this joint work with Lenovo, the fruit of which is the MareNostrum5 GPP cluster part, one of the most advanced in Europe and in the world in its characteristics”, commented Sergi Girona, Operations Director at Barcelona Supercomputing Center. “This partitioning, together with accelerated partitioning, makes MareNostrum 5 one of the most heterogeneous high-performance supercomputers to address major global challenges on the digital twins era, such as climate change, personalised medicine or energy. This new infrastructure will be key for Europe to advance its digital strategy to serve academia and private sector and build a better, more resilient and sovereign Europe”

“As a global leader in supercomputing, we are proud to be supporting Europe’s commitment towards technological excellence with the MareNostrum 5 pre-exascale system at Barcelona Supercomputing Center,” said Noam Rosen, Director, HPC and AI EMEA at Lenovo. “This system is a testament to Europe’s drive for technological leadership and Lenovo’s commitment to advancing scientific research. Manufactured entirely in Europe, the MareNostrum 5 general-purpose supercomputer is poised to be a catalyst for scientific discovery, helping researchers address a myriad of challenges, from the immediate to the exploratory. Our excitement for supporting the scientific community is equal to our commitment to advancing the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and EuroHPC’s leadership in driving HPC innovation throughout Europe.”

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