Lenovo introduces AI-enabled data management solutions

Lenovo recently announced its latest storage arrays, namely the ThinkSystem DG Enterprise Storage Arrays and the ThinkSystem DM3010H Enterprise Storage Arrays. These cutting-edge solutions are specifically designed to streamline the process of enabling AI workloads for organisations, making it more accessible and efficient. They also announced two new ThinkAgile SXM Microsoft Azure Stack solutions that enable a unified hybrid cloud solution to address the growing data, security, and sustainability requirements.

The latest flash storage solutions offer customers an efficient and secure way to deploy AI workloads from edge to cloud. These solutions facilitate workload consolidation and provide faster insights while ensuring protection against ransomware.

Data management has become increasingly complex, considering the diverse nature of data and its storage, analysis, and overall management. Lenovo’s new storage arrays address these challenges by helping customers manage data across multiple locations, eliminating data silos, and accelerating data insights in hybrid multicloud environments.

The ThinkSystem DG Enterprise Storage Arrays feature an all-flash Quad-level Cell (QLC) architecture with 6x faster IOPs performance vs. HDD arrays. They are designed specifically for read-intensive enterprise AI workloads and large dataset workloads, providing faster data intake and speeding up time to insight.

The ThinkSystem DM3010H Enterprise Storage Array is a next-gen hybrid unified storage solution designed for SMB customers and can scale up to 27.6 PB. These arrays offer flexibility for various workloads, including file services, virtualization, backup and archive, and other I/O applications.

ThinkAgile SXM4600 and SXM660 servers are integrated systems for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub designed to simplify and accelerate time to value for Azure Hybrid and Multicloud ecosystems. The new ThinkAgile servers deliver up to a 77 percent increase in transactional database performance and up to a 3 to 1 better consolidation for Microsoft applications compared to Dell Gen 14 and HPE Gen 10 platforms.

The latest DG and DM storage solutions leverage on Lenovo’s Unified Complete Software suite, integrating advanced ransomware and data protection functionalities. This comprehensive software suite ensures the preservation and security of crucial business data across its entire lifecycle, resulting in reduced risks and costs associated with data breaches and losses.

Through the unified management software, customers gain access to convenient out-of-the-box features such as built-in ransomware protection, multi-tenant key management, and immutable file copies that effectively thwart ransomware attempts and prevent unauthorised changes to files.

The DG arrays have been designed for higher efficiency and lower power and cooling requirements to help customers meet environmental and sustainability goals. The DG storage solutions deliver up to 25 percent power savings over previous-generation technology. With workload consolidation, these arrays will help reduce rack space and data centre footprint.

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