Lenovo to power global operations with 90 per cent renewable energy by 2026

Global technology company Lenovo has announced its new climate change mitigation strategy which includes the expansion of its portfolio of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the use of smart technologies. The company has committed to purchase 90 per cent of the electricity they consume from renewable energy resources by 2026. This will enable the firm to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by one million tons, as well as reduce its energy costs by using energy sourced from less expensive energy sources compared to conventional resources such as coal.

The announcement comes as global corporations are increasingly adopting power purchase agreements to accelerate their transition to net-zero emissions. Lenovo also plans to reduce carbon emissions across its value chain. All of the firm’s desktops will have a 50 per cent improvement in energy efficiency whilst notebooks and Motorola products will achieve a 30 per cent increase in energy efficiency. This means less power will be used in using the products, a development that will help consumers to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints when using Lenovo products.

The company has further said that it will increase its focus and investments in a circular economy and the use of sustainable materials. By 2026, all of the company’s products will use materials that would have been recycled.

 “The urgency to combat climate change, safeguard natural resources, invest in our communities, and govern ourselves with the highest ethical standards has only increased,” Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo, said. “It is now up to global businesses and their leaders to continue building resilience into our operations and among our communities in the months, years, and decades to come.”

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