LG Uplus to build hyper-scale data center in Paju

LG Uplus, a leading telecom carrier, is gearing up to meet the rising demand for data centers fueled by the widespread adoption of AI and cloud technology. In a strategic move, the company intends to establish a sizable data center in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, by acquiring land and buildings from LG Display, a subsidiary of LG Group. While specific investment details and construction timelines remain undisclosed, the facility is projected to cover approximately 73,712 square meters, exceeding the scale of LG Uplus’ two current data centers in Pyeongchon.

The move to construct a new data center resonates with the company’s strategic vision of addressing the surging need for expansive data facilities, driven by the expanding embrace of generative AI and the hastening transition to cloud services among IT enterprises.

This development will mark LG Uplus’ operation of three commercial-grade, large-scale data centers in South Korea, each capable of hosting over 100,000 servers. Additionally, these facilities will serve as viable options for businesses aiming to bolster server reliability and safeguarding through data server replication.

Right from its inception, the Paju data center will incorporate an innovative insulating fluid-based cooling system, chosen for its enhanced energy efficiency and superior cooling capabilities.

LG Uplus aims to position the Paju data center as South Korea’s foremost artificial intelligence hub, specifically tailored for efficiently managing high-performance graphics processing units (GPUs).

“Securing a site for constructing a hyperscale data center enables us to proactively respond to the explosive growth in demand for data centers,” an LG Uplus official said. “Building on our expertise in servicing data centers for IT companies both domestically and overseas, we will continue to strengthen our competitiveness in the data center business.”

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