LiquidStack revolutionises sustainability with cutting-edge liquid cooling technology

​​LiquidStack, a leader in liquid immersion cooling for data centres, has unveiled its latest prefabricated modular solutions, namely MicroModular™ and MegaModular™. MicroModular features a single 48U DataTank™ ideal for local edge applications, while MegaModular can accommodate up to six 48U DataTanks for regional edge applications. LiquidStack modular solutions being compact, high density and designed for the most rugged environments, enable businesses to rapidly deploy compute at the local and regional edge while capturing the immense energy efficiency, heat rejection and water saving benefits of liquid immersion cooling.

Notably, the exterior heat rejection components of MicroModular and MegaModular have been developed in partnership with Trane®, a renowned global leader in sustainable HVAC solutions. Trane Technologies, a major investor in LiquidStack, has equipped these edge computing solutions with its top-tier heat rejection equipment, seamlessly integrated with Trane’s heat reuse technology.

With the edge computing market presently valued at $53.6 billion USD and projected to surge to $111.3 billion USD in the next five years, the demand for edge-optimised solutions is skyrocketing.

“As demand for AI escalates, higher compute densities are emerging. This combined with an increase in demand for AI at the edge makes liquid immersion cooling attractive. Traditional air-cooling doesn’t scale well in prefabricated data centres and has much lower thermal conductivity than liquid,” said Joe Capes, CEO, LiquidStack. “Recognising this, we made our best-in-class liquid cooling technology available in modular form factors. Our MicroModular and MegaModular prefabricated modular products are the fastest and least disruptive way to adopt liquid cooling for AI and edge.”

LiquidStack’s MicroModular and MegaModular solutions offer a compact and powerful computing solution, delivering 250kW to 1.5MW of compute power in a single prefabricated module with up to Tier III redundancy for reliability. They stand out for their exceptional efficiency in liquid immersion cooling, boasting an industry-leading PUE of 1.02 and the potential for minimal water usage. These turnkey solutions can be deployed within weeks, a stark contrast to traditional construction methods taking months or years. They provide customer-specific standard configurations for consistent global coverage, even in extreme conditions, and offer sustainability options such as heat reuse and microgrid technologies.

The solutions address a broad range of needs, including telecommunications, colocation, high-performance computing, hybrid cloud and small enterprise. LiquidStack modular products are also well-suited for retrofitting existing data centre infrastructure.

Tailored for both local and regional edge computing, MicroModular and MegaModular have been purpose-built with a focus on AI and advanced cloud computing applications. LiquidStack’s modular solutions empower the use of high-flux chips and overclocking even in the most challenging and extreme environments, making them suitable for deployment in spaces that would otherwise be deemed too challenging or confined for such purposes. Furthermore, the prefabricated modular design not only enables hardware ecosystem vendors to streamline design efforts and reduce costs but also allows end users to save on capital and operational expenses, all while contributing to emissions reduction and enhancing sustainability.

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