LITEON launches next revolutionary generation of liquid cooling solutions

LITEON Technology, the global leading provider of power and cooling solutions, has announced its next revolutionary generation of liquid cooling solutions (COOLITE), immersion cooling and ORv3 power products. With a strong focus on high-performance computing, LITEON’s presence at this event underscores its commitment to advancing total solutions of power management in green data centre.

LITEON showcased its latest power systems and solutions that comply with the ORv3 standard at the exhibition, including a high-power conversion efficiency of 97.5%, meeting the needs of next-generation data centre applications. The ORv3 product platform includes an intelligent Power Management Control (PMC) with real-time monitoring capabilities to help optimise data centre power usage and ensure reliability. In addition, the high-efficiency Lithium Backup Battery Unit (BBU) provides a robust power backup system, supplemented by intelligent power management software, which visualises energy consumption patterns and assists in providing decision-making suggestions. The new products offer several key advantages, including higher efficiency, reducing costs of energy and improving their environmental impact; greater power density, allowing data centres to increase their power capacity without increasing their footprint; and enhanced reliability.

LITEON’s liquid cooling solutions (COOLITE) use a specialised cooling fluid to remove heat from servers. This offers several benefits over traditional air-based cooling, including:

  • Improved thermal efficiency: Liquid cooling removes heat more efficiently than air, allowing servers to operate at higher temperatures and deliver more performance.
  • Reduced energy consumption: Liquid cooling can reduce energy consumption, helping data centres save money and reduce their environmental impact.
  • Increased reliability: Liquid cooling eliminates the risk of fan failure and other airflow-related problems, improving server reliability and uptime.
  • Simplified maintenance: Liquid cooling systems are easier to maintain than traditional air-based cooling systems, reducing operational costs.

LITEON’s immersion liquid cooling solution was showcased for the first time, highlighting the comprehensive and forward-looking nature of LITEON’s liquid cooling solutions. These innovative solutions offer several key advantages over traditional data centre technologies, including higher efficiency, greater power density, enhanced reliability, and reduced energy consumption with confident these solutions will help data centre operators achieve their sustainability goals and deliver better performance and reliability to customers.

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