Lonestar unveils revolutionary ‘Freedom Payload’ for second lunar data center mission

Lonestar Data Holdings and the world-renowned architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) present the newly designed Freedom Payload, the first data center to be sent to space, set to journey to the Moon later this year aboard an Intuitive Machines lunar lander.

Building on the pioneering achievements of Lonestar’s Independence payload launched in February 2024, the first software-defined data center to operate from the Moon’s surface and in Cislunar space, Freedom represents a monumental stride forward in Lonestar’s ongoing mission to expand cutting-edge digital infrastructure beyond Earth, housing data for a series of global customers ranging from governments, enterprise businesses, and leading NGOs involved in veteran affairs, human rights, and climate change, and testing machine learning, delay tolerant networks, radiation monitoring and more at the ultimate edge. 

Crafted through a close partnership between BIG’s visionary architects and Lonestar’s team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, Freedom’s design is a marvel of innovation. Utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, BIG has seamlessly merged form and function to conceive a structure capable of withstanding the Moon’s harsh conditions, all while promoting sustainable practices in extraterrestrial environments.

“Freedom is not just a data center; it’s a symbol for all humanity of what the future holds,” said Chris Stott, CEO of Lonestar. “Through this partnership with BIG, we’ve been able to embody our commitment to advancing human knowledge and protecting the data that drives our civilization.”

The payload’s design also serves an inspirational purpose. Crafted like a sundial, its contours purposefully honor the legacy and future of space exploration by featuring the silhouettes of NASA astronauts Charles Duke and Nicole Stott. In the lunar morning, the face of Apollo 16 Moonwalker, Charles Duke, is cast in silhouette, symbolizing the achievements of the Apollo program. Transitioning past midday, the silhouette shifts to that of retired Spacewalker Nicole Stott, representing the progress and inclusivity of current and future missions under NASA’s Artemis program. Artemis is the sister of Apollo.

This partnership marks a series of firsts: the first architectural design by BIG for a lunar data center, the first expansion of Lonestar’s lunar data centers, and a new chapter in humanity’s quest to become a multi-planetary species.

NASA Moonwalker Astronaut and Lonestar Advisory Board Member Charlie Duke, “It’s time to take those next steps. We built a foundation with Apollo for the future. Now let’s get out there and use it.”

NASA Spacewalker Astronaut Nicole Stott and Lonestar Advisory Board Member, “Everything we do in space – off the Earth –  is ultimately for the benefit of all life on Earth; and data is at the heart of it all. By saving our data, we save our world.”

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