Lumen enhances NaaS offering with on-demand private Ethernet IP-VPN

Lumen Technologies addresses customer demands for private cloud connections, data protection, and heightened security. In response to the increasing importance of securely managing significant volumes of sensitive data across distributed business locations, Lumen introduces two new Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions: Lumen® Ethernet On-Demand and Lumen® IP-VPN On-Demand (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network).

Lumen launched NaaS and Lumen® Internet On-Demand in 2023 to help businesses easily buy, use, and manage networking services. Businesses that manage sensitive or confidential data, such as financial transactions and health records, or those with legal and regulatory requirements, are also seeking a private and secure option for their cloud connections.

“Many businesses face a dilemma between security and innovation. They need to protect their data with robust and flexible network solutions, but they also want to leverage the cloud and AI for productivity and growth,” said Miriana Martinova, Lumen SVP of Product Management. “Lumen NaaS Private Connections resolves this challenge by offering both performance and enhanced security over their network connections. Financial and healthcare companies can protect their data from breaches, cyberattacks, or unauthorized access across any cloud environment, with confidence in Lumen’s secure, resilient, and global network.”

Private Ethernet and IP-VPN Network-as-a-Service connections offer several benefits to customers.

  • Enhanced Security: Avoid the public internet by putting encrypted data on a private connection to each remote site.
  • Data Protection Regulations: Comply with strict data protection laws and regulations with a higher level of security and control over data handling practices.
  • Cost Efficiency: Access cloud resources on demand, without spending money on costly hardware, upkeep, or excess capacity.
  • Scalability: Adjust bandwidth to increase and decrease speeds and turn them off when not needed.
  • Reliable Connections: Securely connect multiple business locations within a network, such as branch offices, data centers and headquarters. Choose the best cloud service providers for business needs, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

To further enhance a secure on-demand experience, Lumen will soon add DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection to its Lumen Internet On-Demand solution, the first service on Lumen’s NaaS platform.

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