Lumen introduces a custom-built Wi-Fi 7 capable device for Quantum Fibre customers

Lumen Technologies is revolutionising the future of wireless connectivity with the launch of a custom-built Wi-Fi 7 capable device. Lumen’s new wireless technology offers faster speeds and an improved Wi-Fi experience for its Quantum Fibre multi-gig customers compared to Wi-Fi 6/6E devices, setting a new standard for businesses and smart homes of the future.

“Our Wi-Fi 7 capable device is a game-changer in wireless technology, providing higher speeds, lower latency, and better home coverage than Wi-Fi 6/6E devices so our Quantum Fibre customers can make the most of every gigabit,” said Maxine Moreau, Lumen President of Mass Markets. “Lumen took a significant leap in improving home and business Wi-Fi when we internally developed this Wi-Fi 7 capable device. We’re proud of this accomplishment and are ready to install these devices in customer homes and offices. We believe everyone deserves a fast, secure, high-performing Wi-Fi experience.”

Lumen teamed up with AXON Networks, a global provider of SDN firmware solutions and the developer of Quantum Fibre’s Carrier Grade Wi-Fi 7 devices to deliver best in class carrier grade Wi-Fi performance. “AXON Networks is proud to partner with Lumen on this technological accomplishment,” said Martin Manniche, CEO of AXON Networks. “Our Wi-Fi 7 capable devices support Standard Power with AFC and GPS, enabling new use cases indoors and outdoors. Our AXON Orchestrator supports end-to-end Real Time Orchestration with Digital Twin support that is fully cloud-enabled. By leveraging our innovative technology, this clearly sets Lumen apart from other operators.”

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