Luna tech to power hyperscale data centres, lands major contract

Luna Innovations Incorporated, a global leader in advanced optical technology, announced a large contract in support of a major technology provider’s hyperscale data centres. The provider will employ Luna’s polarisation control technology to help improve the accuracy of tests it performs on components it installs in its data centres.

“Our technology was selected for its ability to identify and eliminate factors impeding speed and efficiency in these hyperscale data centres,” said Scott Graeff, President and CEO of Luna. “As exponential expansion in the digital era continues, Luna’s proprietary solutions ensure that the foundational components powering global interconnectivity are operating at their highest levels.”

Hyperscale data centres are the result of an influx of data related to the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Where typical data centres support hundreds of servers, hyperscale data centres support thousands.

The exponential increase in data has technology providers working to contain the size of their data centres as they work simultaneously to reduce power consumption in them. Luna’s technology will help providers more accurately assess the performance of transceivers in their data centres, especially those based on modern photonic integrated circuits. Those transceivers, in turn, help providers increase traffic bandwidth and enable faster and more efficient data transfer with reduced latency.

“We’re proud to be delivering technology that enables the ability to scale and helps reduce the cost of data interruptions,” said Graeff. “This is yet another example of the many ways Luna enables the future with fibre.”

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