Marathon Digital Holdings unveils two-phase immersion cooling system to optimize data center operations

Marathon Digital Holdings, one of the world’s largest publicly traded Bitcoin miners and a leader in supporting and securing the Bitcoin ecosystem, has announced MARA 2PIC700, a next generation two-phase immersion cooling system built to transform data center operations with industry leading power, density, and efficiency.

Compared to current alternatives, MARA 2PIC700 enables two to four times the power density and can reduce the space requirements for a data center by up to 75%. It can operate in temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius and is built for remote management. As a result, the system can enable data centers to be built and operated in remote or harsh climates that were previously inaccessible. For Bitcoin mining specifically, MARA 2PIC700 enables ASIC miners to be overclocked by 60-100% and can enable up to a 60% reduction in cooling costs, even under the most extreme conditions.

MARA 2PIC700 is part of Marathon’s broader strategy to vertically integrate its technology stack and to diversify its operations. The system’s ability to improve heat dissipation and efficiency for intense computational loads has the potential to benefit a variety of industries with large and dense power requirements, including cryptocurrency mining, telecom, AI/ML/HPC computing, and edge computing.

“MARA 2PIC700 was born from our vertically integrated tech stack, and we believe this technology has the potential to not just benefit Marathon’s own Bitcoin mining operations, but to transform data centers in multiple industries,” said Fred Thiel, Marathon’s chairman and CEO. “This compact and modular system boasts two to four times the power density of current alternatives and is designed to be operated remotely with minimal human intervention. As a result, we believe MARA 2PIC700 can reduce maintenance costs, improve performance, and unlock new opportunities for data center operators by enabling them to operate in remote or harsh climates that were previously inaccessible. We look forward to rolling out MARA 2PIC700 and setting a new standard for data centers with our next-generation technologies.”

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