Marvell to drive network enhancements for AI and accelerated computing

Marvell Technology, a leader in data infrastructure semiconductor solutions, has joined the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC), part of the Linux Foundation’s Joint Development Foundation. Enormous changes in cloud infrastructure are being driven by generative AI workloads and a shift from traditional computing architectures toward accelerated computing. The UEC is bringing leading companies together to cooperate on developing Ethernet specifications and software APIs to ensure data centre networks can meet these new performance and interoperability demands.

The shift to accelerated computing is disrupting cloud data centre architectures and driving the need for higher performance, higher bandwidth, and lower-latency infrastructure at an unprecedented cadence. To meet these challenges, Marvell develops infrastructure silicon that enables cloud service providers, OEMs and other partners to scale rapidly, efficiently and economically while supporting open standards.

The Marvell accelerated computing portfolio includes optical PAM4 DSPs, TIAs and drivers for mid- to long-reach optical connections inside data centres, active electrical cable (AEC) PAM4 DSPs for short-reach connections within compute racks, COLORZ® data centre interconnect (DCI) pluggable modules for long distance connections between data centres, and Teralynx® Ethernet switches for low-latency fabrics between compute nodes. Marvell is also collaborating directly with cloud providers to deliver cloud-optimised, custom compute solutions that address their unique infrastructure and services most efficiently.

“The future of the AI cloud will rely on standards-based Ethernet to deliver the scale and performance required for next generation workloads across the wide range of operator applications,” said Nick Kucharewski, senior vice president and GM, Network Switching Business Unit, at Marvell. “Marvell is committed to continuous innovation on an open, Ethernet-based cloud fabric, and we look forward to working with the UEC members to make this a reality.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Marvell as a new member of UEC as we embrace the future of technology and the evolving landscape of AI workloads. UEC was established with a mission to formulate Ethernet specifications that meet the network’s evolving demands and growing workloads. This transformation in network traffic, comparable in significance to the shift from voice to video, necessitates innovative solutions. The collaboration with Marvell and the rest of the members will expedite the integration of UEC-inspired Ethernet enhancements into comprehensive systems, ready to meet the dynamic demands of the market,” said Dr. J Metz, steering committee chair of Ultra Ethernet Consortium.

The Ultra Ethernet solution stack will capitalise on Ethernet’s ubiquity and flexibility for handling a wide variety of workloads while being scalable and cost-effective. The consortium will work on minimising communication stack changes while maintaining and promoting Ethernet interoperability.

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