Melbicom expands into India with state-of-the-art data centre

Melbicom, a global leader in server infrastructure for businesses, has announced an expansion in Mumbai, a strategic location to tap into the rapidly growing Indian market.

The newly unveiled datacenter, spanning over 50,000 square feet, is tailored for hyperscaling needs. With an initial 2MW power capacity, expandable to 4MW, the centre aims to meet the surging demand for dedicated hosting, cloud solutions, data storage, and CDN services while ensuring minimal latency in the region.

Situated in the bustling heart of Mumbai, the new data centre stands as a pillar of advanced technological infrastructure. Mumbai, renowned for its technological advancements, provides an optimal environment for internet connectivity.

The city boasts three major critical Internet Exchanges (IXs) that facilitate efficient network peering and integrates with 14 Intercontinental cables, forming a robust backbone for global digital operations. Additionally, the facility directly connects with over 160 major ISPs, including Tier 1 Carriers, ensuring superior network performance, reduced latency, and heightened reliability for Melbicom’s clients.

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