Meta to build $800M data center in Rosemount, Minnesota

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, unveiled intentions to construct a new data center in Rosemount, Minnesota. Spanning over 700,000 square feet, the facility will be situated along County Road 42, east of the Dakota County Technical College. Meta said the data center will be optimized for its AI workload.

Officials disclosed that the project, dubbed “Project Bigfoot,” had been under wraps for several years.

“They can build anywhere. And they looked everywhere. And they chose Rosemount in Dakota County in Minnesota,” Gov. Tim Walz said. 

“Thank you for welcoming us to this fantastic community, we are so proud to be here,” said Brad Davis, Meta’s director of data center community development.

“This data center will bring to Rosemount, it will contribute millions of dollars in tax revenue supporting our communities’ growth,” said Rosemount Mayor Jeff Weisensel.

Meta announced that the center will run 100% on renewable energy, with collaboration underway with Xcel Energy to bolster the infrastructure. Throughout the application procedure, the city council fielded concerns from the public regarding environmental impact, noise levels, and utility strain. City authorities affirm that studies conducted have concluded that the center will operate within acceptable limits.

“Our council members actually reached out to some of the neighboring communities, particularly ones in Iowa that have a lot of facilities, and they had indicated that Meta has stepped forward, and they are the partner they claim to be,” Weisensel said.

“We partner with schools and local organizations to provide programs and resources that help build skills and increase the use of technology,” Davis said.

The University of Minnesota said the remaining acres of UMore Park could eventually house more tech industry. 

“We have been working to become a hub of emerging technology and the data center puts us well on our way of reaching that goal,” Weisensel said. 

Site work is already underway, with construction ramping up late summer or early fall. The project is expected to be completed in two years and also include some nearby road improvements. This will be Meta’s 19th data center in the U.S. and 23rd in the world.

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