Metasphere Labs to develop carbon-aware routing protocol with Ecoblox and PureSky

Metasphere Labs has entered into a definitive agreement with Ecoblox and PureSky Registry to co-develop a Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol. This protocol aims to reduce the carbon footprint of internet and data center operations by dynamically selecting network paths based on carbon intensity and managing real-time offsets.

The Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol initiative will optimize energy usage and reduce emissions associated with high-performance computing and digital operations. This collaboration comes at a crucial time as the industry increasingly recognizes the importance of sustainability in technological advancements. 

The collaboration will operate through a newly incorporated company whereby Metasphere will own 50% and the Ecoblox and Puresky will own the remaining 50% of the Consortium Company. The parties will jointly develop the Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol to enable internet routers to dynamically choose paths based on the carbon intensity of available network routes and account for offsets in real-time. Metasphere will grant a royalty-free license to the Consortium Company to use the internet domain in connection with the collaboration. All intellectual property developed jointly by the parties through the Consortium Company will be owned by the Consortium Company. Each party to the consortium will retain ownership of its pre-existing intellectual property.

Natasha Ingram, CEO of Metasphere Labs, stated: “With the Agreement in place, we are excited to move forward with our partners to develop the Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol. This initiative will be instrumental in addressing the significant environmental impact of rapidly advancing technologies. By joining forces with Ecoblox and PureSky, we can combine our strengths and drive innovation in sustainable computing. Our advanced data center solutions, coupled with blockchain technology for reliable carbon credits, will play a crucial role in the successful implementation of this protocol. The Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol will set new standards for sustainability in digital communications and ensure that the rapidly growing demands of Internet 3.0 technologies like AI, AR/VR, the Metaverse, and Blockchain do not become a bottleneck but instead contribute positively to our planet.”

The Metasphere-Ecoblox-PureSky consortium plans to release the protocol and initial reference design for NVidia GPU clusters at Mobile World Congress Americas 2024, which is scheduled to be held between October 8th and October 10th, showcasing the potential for widespread adoption and impact. This Agreement will remain in effect until the release of the protocol and reference design at Mobile World Congress Americas 2024, subject to extension by mutual agreement of the parties.

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