MHI introduces new container-type data centre with hybrid cooling system

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed a new 40kVA-class 12ft container-type data centre with an immersion/air-cooled hybrid cooling system capable of simultaneously housing servers utilising three types of cooling methods: immersion cooling (25kVA), air cooling (8kVA), and water cooling (8kVA). MHI plans to commercialise this solution by the end of fiscal 2023.

The newly developed data centre is the successor to the container-type immersion cooling data centre that has been under development since 2021. Servers with different cooling methods for different applications (by power density) can be mounted in the unit simultaneously, accommodating a diverse range servers and other devices for edge computing to process data at the periphery (“edge”) of computer networks.

In addition, a space of 1.4m x 1.3m has been secured inside the container, dramatically improving workability when installing or removing servers. Further, because of the integration and optimisation of different cooling methods as a whole system, and installation at high density in a 12ft container, system performance in a 40°C environment is expected to achieve PUE of 1.05 for immersion cooling alone (1.14 when immersion cooling and air cooling are used in combination).

For the demonstration testing of the data centre, Dell Technologies Japan Inc. provided a server for verification, and NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation will verify the IT equipment installation and server maintenance procedures.

Going forward, MHI Group will apply various cooling technologies and zero emission power products at data centres that utilise high-performance servers. The expanded portfolio positions MHI Group to provide a one-stop solution for highly reliable and efficient power supply, cooling, and monitoring systems, as well as integrated control, in order to contribute to the realisation of a carbon-neutral society and the conservation of the global environment.

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